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Budding investigative reporter Antonia Cutlass isn't happy.

Her bedroom has been overrun with unsavoury guests from the visiting carnival, her career as a journalist seems to have ended before it has even begun and, since ex-best friend Kat started hanging out with the popular Sock Sisters, she doesn't have any friends.

When a school project leads to a surprising discovery inside a weasel ball, Ant thinks she is onto the scoop of the century. But someone else knows what Ant has discovered and they are willing to do just about anything to get their property back.

Ant has to quickly unravel the mystery of Operation Weasel Ball - but who can she trust? It seems like everyone is in on the heist - even her mum!

The second Antonia Cutlass book will have you on the edge of your seat. For brave investigators aged 7 to 12... and beyond. 


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Teachers notes, courtesy of Pan Macmillan

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