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Waiter! Is that a Band-Aid in my soup?!


Antonia's mum runs the world's most embarrassing theatre restaurant.

At Clams & Cutlasses the food is horrible, the show is appalling… and the cockroaches are taking over.
Even worse, in just two weeks Captain Jack - Ant's mum - is going to ruin Ant's life.

With the help of a rubber octopus, a handful of stinky prawns and an unsuspecting health inspector, Ant sets out to close the doors of Clams & Cutlasses for good. But just how far is Ant willing to go to avoid total credibility breakdown?

Will Gutless Cutlass follow through? Will it end in disaster? And who will really walk the plank? 

Find out in the first Antonia Cutlass book.

For pirates aged 7 to 12... and beyond!  

"Funny and original… a laugh-out-loud success"



Now available as an Amazon e-Book!

Antonia Cutlass Walks the Plank
By Nicki Greenberg


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