(Published in the USA as It's True! An Octopus Has Deadly Spit)


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Stretch your mental tentacles with super squid facts!


Have you ever opened a coconut and found an octopus inside? Ever been hypnotised by a cuttlefish or squirted by a squid?

Dive in and discover why octopuses have smart arms and blue blood, which squid always wears pyjamas and why squid scientists love to play with whale vomit. Look into the biggest eye on the planet, and learn how to make an octopus blush. But watch out - these creatures really do suck!

From terrifying giant monsters to dainty rockpool-dwellers, squids, octopuses and their relatives are truly extraordinary creatures, as you'll discover in this thirteenth book in the fantastic non-fiction series, It's True!

 “One of the most fascinating kids’ nature books I’ve read ... extremely readable ... Greenberg’s natural wonder for these animals is infectious.”

“... plenty of information to stimulate curiosity and foster respect for these amazing animals.”




Shortlisted, Royal Society's Aventis Prizes for Science Books, 2006 Junior Prize. 

Shortlisted, 2006 Wilderness Society's Environment Award for Children's Literature.

Shortlisted, Australian Publishers Association Book Design Awards 2006 

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